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Wasn’t the best of the night but landed in the middle of the mix for me.Jenna and Mark on the other hand I could go on for days about their dance.The closer we get to the finale of the show the harder it is for me to want to do a power rankings post, but I’ll do my best. Many of you may have noticed Aaron was missing from that dance.It wasn’t addressed on the show since he was able to dance his duet. Thanks to twitter Aaron sent out a message saying he has a shoulder injury and in best interest of his shoulder and the show, he was pulled from the opening number.Tayeh choreographed the rock musical The Last Goodbye which is based on Romeo and Juliet and set to a soundtrack of music by Jeff Buckley.It premiered in 2010, but a revised version of the show with a new cast opened in September 2013 at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, California.It was my favorite piece of choreography of the night.

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Upcoming projects include: Hundreds Days(Winter 2018 / New York Theatre Workshop / Dir Anne Kaufman); The Lucky Ones (Spring 2018 / commissioned and produced by Ars Nova, directed by Anne Kauffman); Moulin Rouge! During her time at Wayne State, Tayeh drew on dance history, anatomy, and performance to develop a style that is built on core strength, aggressive partner interaction, and quirky, stylized movements.

In July 2013, Tayeh was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography for "Possibly Maybe", "Turning Page", and "Sail"—three routines she choreographed on season nine of So You Think You Can Dance.

At the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, she joined the other seven choreography nominees and created a routine honoring dance that was performed just before the Outstanding Choreography award was presented.

A force in the dance world, Tayeh's work is a tribute to her Detroit roots - a constant yet grounding influence that inspires her to create aggressive, emotional, and powerful choreography with an underlying sense of angst and a persistent embodiment of technical facility.

Since paving her professional career, her work has been characterized as a blend of powerful versatility and theatrical range.

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