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The 69-year-old set out 11 stringent rules for those who will not be able to rent his properties, which also includes families with children, pet owners, smokers, single adults and workers on zero hours contracts.

Fergus runs his Kent property empire along with his wife Judith and said he is continuing to sell-off properties, but that families and single parents pose a problem as it can take up to 13 months to get a possession order if he decides to sell.

Now assuming you have an Attorney, a CPA, and a financial planner at hand, here’s the order at which you will need to handle your affairs.

Keep in mind that the Federal tax filing deadline is April 15 — so you want to make sure everything is handled before this date.

Financial Planner: You may not think it necessary to hire a Financial planner as a widow, but in fact, the Financial Planner is just as important as the other two.

The attorney will help you make any needed changes to the estate documents which include any updates to your will and modification of any powers of attorney.

The attorney will help you deal with the decisions you need to make right away and the secondary decisions can be postponed (upon recommendation of the attorney) until a later date when you are better able to cope with them.

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