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A "bodge", like its cognates kludge and fudge, is serviceable: a "botched" job most certainly is not. Bodger is the name of a dog in The Incredible Journey.

Bodger was the name of a character in the comic strip 'Flook', which appeared in the U. Wycombe Wanderers Football Club's official mascot is a man called Bodger.

Bodger Samuel Rockall's account book for 1908 shows he was receiving 19 shillings (228 pence) for a gross (144 units) of plain legs including stretchers.

With three stretchers to a set of four legs this amounted to 242 turnings in total. According to Ronald Goodearl, who photographed one of the last professional bodgers Alec and Owen Dean in the late 1940s, recalled they had stated "each man would turn out 144 parts per day (one gross) including legs and stretchers- this would include cutting up the green wood, and turning it into blanks, then turning it". In Samuel Johnson's dictionary of the English language published in 1766, the Shakespearean use of the word "bodged", means to "boggle".

or a measurement of capacity equivalent to half a peck - equal to 1 imperial gallon (4.5 L).

There is a theory that bodges, defined as rough sacks of corn, closely resembled packages of finished goods the bodgers carried when they left the forest or workshop.

Other theories about its origin include the German word Böttcher (cooper, a trade that uses similar tools), and similar Scandinavian words, such the Danish name Bødker.The term and trade also spread to Ireland and Scotland.The term was always confined to High Wycombe until the recent (post 1980) revival of pole lathe turning with many chairmakers around the country now calling themselves bodgers.The "sides" of the shelter may have been enclosed in wicker or wattled manner to keep out driving rain, animals, etc.High-Wycombe lathe became a commonly used generic term to describe any wooden-bed pole lathe, irrespective of user or location, and remained the bodger's preferred lathe until the 1960s when the trade died out, losing to the more cost-effective and rapid mechanised mass production factory methods.

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