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Urmaresc acest serial pe site-ul Asiazone movie, numai pe acest site este postat . Actually, at about episode 10, I couldn't watch it anymore because the Kim Ji-Hyun character was so silly and scatterbrained, it really turned me off. Dennis Oh , Han Ji-Hye & Song Seung-Heon made me stay 72 hours awake I like them Much I like Dennis Oh he is my favourite As you observe at first, East of Eden and Giant have similar plot, they are same with revenge thing, lee kang mo VS jo pil yeon VS lee dong chul VS Shin tae wan. LDC 'S BROTHER WAS A LAWYER AND ALL OF A SUDDEN HE WAS A COP ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just didn't make any sense that Shin Myung-Hun kept on grabbing her by the wrist and abducting her that, in the name of love. It is so beautiful and it obviously touched Dong-Chul's heart... And also with the bond with their siblings but as you go far with them , their difference begin to merge and as you observe, Giant became more intense, enthusiastic, funny and mind-bugging than EOE........boring and irrelevant scenes are to be observed so far in EOE but this is only my opinion and it is not definitely a general information i watched east of eden about 2 years ago & i love it, Song Seung-heon & Park Hae-jin & Yeon Jeong-heon acting was great. THE ENDING WHEN LDC DIES AND IS HE IS WATCHING HIS FAMILY AND HE'S FLOATING TO HELL I MEAN HEAVEN IS SO HILARIOUS!!!!! hey this is the best korean drama series for me !!! actually korean wave is so big in our country , Myanmar but i hate korean series !! once in Autumn in my heart when i was young n now again in EAST of EDEN !!! @[email protected] first episodes were good but it started to go downhill once the adult characters were introduced.

Mi-ae is the nurse who has been betrayed by Shin Tae-hwan.

In her rage, she comes up with a scheme to fulfill her own revenge.

It was a shame because I loved LDH's character and noticed that appeared less and less as the drama went on. when i watched this drama for the first time i was only 11 but still this drama is my favorite . It reminds me of the old me watching this drama up till am. Second good point - quality of the dialogue and action scenes integrated with family conflict. I was riveted by the performance of Song Seung Heon. I know many here seem to hate the plot but i liked it as it was realistic, nice break from hollywoods bs happy endings. v=0v_Xk--_e Fc (Kim Bum Soo - A sad story sadder than sadness) There is also "No one else" by Lee Seung Chul.

If you notice, there are promo pics of the Lee Dong-Cheol/Min Hye-Rin/Lee Dong-Wook triangle before the drama started, so the change was all last minute. I would put this on my top 100 dramas along with Swallow the Sun. There were quite a few actors in this drama I thought gave outstanding performances. The 2 songs are from More than Blue, korean movie Ost and not from EOE, they just played them in some episodes.

For his own selfish pleasure, he also seduces a nurse at Taebaek Hospital, only to coldly brush her away later.

Un serial foarte bun, dupa parerea mea unele actiuni din serial sunt reale, lupta studentilor pentru democratie din anii 1980, chiar s-a petrecut in Coreea. I'm not the one who gave the story but Song Seung-Heon had not to have that end also i thought it was a lie when Dennis oh die i thought he could appear at end even Shin Tae Wan how come he didn't go to jail??

Tot charmul din acest serial il are Song Seung Hun , un actor talentat si charismatic plus romantic, nu putem sa neglijam si pe ceilalti actori , sunt foarte buni toti , indifferent ca joaca in rol negativ , stiu cum sa ne transmita atat de bine , rolul pe care-l interpreteaza ai impresia ca se petrece in realitate. I wish he could have gone then die when he tried to escape so he could have tjat end with Shin Eun-Jung.

Basically, he attacks him, letting him know full well his identity, and then releases him.

For starters, that attack alone is a criminal offense and Shin Tae Hwan would have been well within his rights to press charges against him, most likely resulting in years of prison time at a minimum.

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