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A luan cia 2013 in 2014 tiang ahkhan The Chinland post nih an chuah mi thawngzamh Cazual cu CNA Camp ah ram le miphun caah rian a tuanmi kan Chin ralkap pawl nih rel kho ve hna seh tiah miphun zawnruahnak he kum 2 khengte bak a rak hlut bal hna.Cun amah pumpak tialmi cauk 2 zong a rak hlut chih hna.It was an invitation to creatively shift the patterns that were more transactional than transformational, and not just by putting them on the to-do list.

From the outside looking in, Vision 2020 was a success story[1], but things were feeling just a little different from the inside – panic-inducing inboxes, packed calendars, knotted stomachs, fractured attention spans and lunches eaten mindlessly while hunching over laptops.

The funny thing is that we’ve always known that having a positive office culture is important.

We knew that we wanted to participate in a culture of patchwork, unruly human beings, of a promising confusion about who is serving whom, of rich connections and creative thinking, of experimentation and colour. And yet, in the middle of a crazy-busy season we had begun to approach “team building” rather desperately, doing things like putting “fun” into our work plan and then realizing, deflated, that this was the only box we had failed again to check at the end of the month.

Mah inn le lo tang te ah merem tein ei le din khawh a si ko tung?

Cu vialte nuamhnak le hnangamnak cu kal tak riangmang in kan Chin ram le miphun caah ti in harsatnak tampi temtuar in nunnak pek tiang a kan kikawi tu Chin National Front/Army (CNF/A) nih Chin mipi sin in bawmhnak tampi an herh rih.

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