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According to the exit polls, fifty percent of voters wanted the Senate to be controlled by the Republican Party.

A majority said Dough Jones does not share their values.

[The only thing the “united Republican government” has to show for it is progress on a tax bill which no one even wants.

There has been no movement on English as a national language, mandatory E-Verify, and taxing remittances to pay for the border wall, to name three easy legislative items.

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[Nonetheless, while Doug Jones (quietly) accepted money and help from Democrats around the country, Moore squandered much of his time and energy attacking Mitch Mc Connell instead of making the election about national issues.Ultimately, however, the Republican Establishment is to blame for Moore’s defeat.Rather than defending their candidate, they ran for cover following the early MSM attacks, thus emboldening the Democrats and encouraging them to pour in money and resources.In contrast, Moore seemed not to campaign at all, actually leaving the state in the final days in order to visit his alma mater.[by Carla Herreria, Huffington Post, December 12, 2017] And the Moore campaign constantly blundered from trap to trap, getting involved in an absurd controversy about having a “Jewish lawyer” on the last day of the campaign.

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