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Britain's leading nutritionist, Jane Clarke, has the answers.

Jane is joining us for an exclusive webchat at 1pm on Wednesday 17th October to answer all your diet dilemmas. If you can't make the webchat then you can email your questions to [email protected] and we will put as many of them as we can to Jane for you.

I do hope that you overcome these difficulties and have a happy time ahead.

Jonathan What is your view on homosexuality exactly?

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I support the ban and shall make this clear to my own In today's Daily Mirror, there was a signed letter from Tony Blair thanking Mirror readers for their support of the Labour Party. Is this a sign that the Conservative Party is not widening its core audience?There is no difference between a civil marriage and a civil partnership.I do accept that there are some fairly heartless discriminations but those can be dealt with in their own right rather than by undermining the uniqueness of marriage. Given that a large number of "legal" marriages last for shorter periods of time, are there any plans for a Conservative government to recognise long term heterosexual partnerships? Heterosexuals have the choice of marrying or not doing so, and if they choose not to marry then they forfeit the rights and protections that go with marriage.Nevertheless it is important that people should be aware that it does make a difference whether you marry or live together and I suspect you were not aware of the consequences which you now face.

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