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Clear Candida While Taking Probiotic Supplements...

View Product Label Alfalfa - Used to increase peristalsis of the bowels and as a blood purifier.

Fenugreek Seed - A demulcent, used to aid digestion. Dandelion - Traditionally used to support the liver and kidneys.

Alfalfa Leaf - An insoluble fiber that bulks the stool and helps promote peristalsis. Barley Rice Fiber - A soluble fiber in the lignin class.

Total Body Purifier may be taken on a regular basis.

Also increases energy and stamina and supports the adrenal glands.

Green Tea Extract - Contains polyphenols and flavones that may inhibit the formation of nitrosamines, which are known carcinogens (cancer-causing chemicals).

Burdock Root - Blood purifier, breaks down carbohydrates; supports the liver, kidneys and skin.

Chickweed Leaf - Supports the blood, stomach, bowels, and skin; traditionally used for fevers and inflammation.

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