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RCNi Learning is a fully-interactive online learning resource with RCN-approved training modules, and over 100 modules spanning over 40 topics.The modules provide pre- and post- training tests to chart your learning and breaks down the right and wrong answers so you can see the rationale for each.Any study should be logged and referenced with hours you spent on these.

We check over your portfolio daily to see how you are progressing and to offer feedback, and if you’re stuck you can get in touch with one of our advisors and we can easily guide you over the phone.You need to evidence 5 pieces third party feedback on an annual basis. Have a think about a situation which you remember well or even jot them down as they occur in your working life.Describe how it affected you; whether negative or positive, how you dealt with the situation, what you would do differently if you were faced with the same scenario again.Email nick,[email protected] #RCNi Awards are open for [email protected] ambassador @kategarraway shadowed former mental health winner @zambezi40 to see how winning one of UK’s most prestigious #nursing accolades impacted her career.

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