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Are you tired of those nosy teenagers who always carry binoculars with them to stare at you while sunbathing naked?

Then the Haulover Beach is certainly the best beach to go.

IT WAS twenty years ago that husband-and-wife Angie and Jonch Burtrum got drunk with their married friends and decided to play strip poker - a game that would spark a life of SWINGING.

“It’s improved our lives, personally, socially as well as sexually.

Angie and Jonch (known as J), both from Texas, say swinging strengthened their twenty-five-year long marriage and is one of the reasons for their happiness.

Angie, 41, who works in auditing, said: “When we began on this journey two decades ago, we were new parents and we were so monogamous.

Here you can find many special nudist-friendly sun bathing areas to choose from. The Gulf Islands National Seashore The Gulf Islands National Seashore is somewhat deserted, and this aspect has attracted nudists for many years.

The area is very discreet and secluded with many nudists visiting on a yearly basis. The Navarre Beach The Navarre Beach is by far one of the most popular nudist beaches in Florida.

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