Validating clustering for gene expression data bioinformatics

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Current research involves the development of models for data mining in the cloud and the development of data mining techniques for large data sets.

Cost-Sensitive Data Mining This research area, led by Professor Sunil Vadera is developing new cost-sensitive data mining methods.

This showcase suggests a methodology for building Semantic Web Mining systems.

The main focus of the applications are contemporary, challenging problems in molecular biology.

Actionable Knowledge Discovery and Semantic Web Led by Dr Saraee Mohamed, research in this area promotes the paradigm shift of Data Mining from data-centered interesting pattern mining to domain-driven actionable knowledge discovery.

Mohamed’s research involves enhancing the DM system to enable them to Semantic Web applications.

Start Dates(s): Duration: MSc by Research One year full-time Two years part-time Master of Philosophy (MPhil) One year full-time Two years part-time Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) Three years full-time Five years part-time Split-Site Ph D Three years full-time Distance Learning Ph D Three years full time Intelligent Multimedia Information Extraction and Analysis Led by Professor Tim Ritchings, this research involves the development and evaluation of novel Intelligent Systems for digital signals, images and videos using Pattern Recognition and AI techniques to help in their interpretation and understanding of the data.

Areas of application include biomedical applications, augmented reality and mobile applications.

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