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In his private life, Johnson was considered one of the world's leading train enthusiasts.He built a miniature railway in the back garden of his home and bought 40 acres of land in California to house his full size three-foot gauge antique locomotive, complete with its own track.Scroll down for more Classic: Johnston contributed to many Disney productions including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The former art student spent his entire working life with Disney and won a US National Medal for the Arts in 2005.

To me, , though, is that its titular superheroes feel like a team; one family member uses his or her specialized super-skill to save the day when another’s in trouble, another saves the day in a different jam, and by the end of the film, all four Incredibles (five, if you count Jack-Jack! Meanwhile, it’s easy to get the sense that Hiro’s friends in finds Hiro saying the magical words of encouragement to help the rest of the team strategize their way out of Professor Callaghan’s clutches.

But there’s plenty that separates the two films, besides a decade of animation advancements—and is the first time Disney is putting its Marvel properties to use outside of the live-action series that will one day grow large enough to encompass every movie being released.

The film succeeded in a lot of ways—but it also has a few glaring issues, and the comparison invited by the 10th anniversary of -esque POV shots!

The animator had two sons with wife Marie, who died three years ago.

debuted—and with its winning, funny story about a married pair of washed-up superheroes trying to raise kids and save the world at the same time, it immediately joined the canon of Disney/Pixar insta-classics.

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